20100829_Alta_079_cut2Welcome to Wraae Tourism Research

I am a self-employed tourism researcher and freelance writer and hold a Master of Arts (MA) in Tourism from Aalborg University specializing in Place Branding.

My research and consultancy is based on my knowledge of Place Branding, Destination Management, and my long work experience as a Project Manager. I am capable of managing tourism related projects concerning product development, marketing, and policy issues in the tourism industry.


Research and writing

  • Research and writing focusing on the academic perspectives on tourism
  • Journalistic articles focusing on the relationship between tourism, business, environment and residents

Consulting and Project Management

  • Contribute to initiate, operate and evaluate projects that can develop new tourism potentials
  • Provide¬†research, analysis, planning and marketing strategies for tourism-related businesses
  • Analyze and evaluate development trends in tourism nationally and internationally